Why do many of us need too much sleep?


I’m on 2.5 mg zyprexa and i need about 11-12 hours of sleep. What’s the mechanism behind it? Is it the anti-dopamine effect of the med? Just trying to find ways to counter the effects of the med so i can sleep less.


I take seroquel at night, and I also need a lot of sleep. It’s like I physically can’t get out of bed until I’ve slept at least 10-12 hours


Zyprexa is a sedating med so that could be the reason why.

I believe I get very inefficient sleep. I wake up constantly and when I sleep often I have vivid lucid dreams and lucid dreams mean the person’s brain isn’t as turned off as it should be. I also get a good deal less REM sleep than I should. Due to all these things I think that’s why I need a lot of sleep.

This is likely the case for many others as well as something like 80% of people with psychotic disorders also have some kind of sleep issue.

I know that if I get at least 8 hrs of sleep regularly I significantly reduce all my symptoms and do not get major episodes. 11 hours of sleep and I’m practically symptom free even off meds. Less than 8 hrs too often and I turn into a psychotic mess. Sleep is very very important for me and I think plays a key role in my illness.


I dunno why but it maybe the meds. Would like to know the mechanism behind it.
I sleep a bit extra too.


My sleeping patterns have been all over the place recently, some times I will sleep 6 hours and others 10, I think it is still from being on Clozapine so long.


It’s probably the meds. I am trying to be a morning person but find no matter how early i go to bed at night I am still tired the next morning and need two hours to wake up completely. Most mornings I go back to bed for two hours before breakfast.


I need like 8-10. I think it’s just me.


Sometimes I need 11- 14 hours of sleep. Sometimes 9. Sometimes like last night, I only needed 7. It varies greatly with me.


I feel like sleeping right now it’s 7pm eurgh


I used to sleep for 14 hours when on risperidone.
Now 10 hours


I’m always tired no matter how much sleep I get. Never refreshed. I don’t think I get deep sleep.


I’ve taken to going to bed in the afternoon and staying in bed until the next morning. The Dalai Lama gets up at three but he doesn’t go back to bed. I always have one eye on the clock.


In a nutshell: the meds are sedating and the brain is trying to heal. Not just from the illness but from the alterations of the medications. They’re not natural substances to the brain, so it takes the brain time to sort that out.


Well if you believe that schizophrenia is our minds and not an outside force than we need more of a break than other folks because for some of us there’s a lot of exertion going on there.