Why do I still feel depressed?

I have so much going for me, I’m so privileged. Got husband i love and parents and live by the sea and can read books and afford cappuccino and got nice clothes and can walk and have physical health and…

And yet I can’t shake off the black cloud. Why am I so ungrateful? Why do I still wake up fantasising about suicide notes?

It’s f***ing crazy!


And hubby supports me financially and I don’t have to work and I can paint and stay at home.

I’ve got nothing to complain of really!

So why do I still feel so s**t?

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I feel the same…

I’ve got a good job, a roof over my head, food and can do what I want.

Yet i still suffer from intense depression.

It’s just built in us I think


I feel guilty about having depression which in turn makes me even more depressed

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Me too. I have everything but I am so tired of this life

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I to have some good going on for me, and I’m not happy but at peace with my state, it’s better then happiness. Happiness makes me manic

I struggle with this. I know i have so much to be thankful for and yet i still get depressed. I have decided it’s just how i am wired and take my meds to try and deal with it. And i always try to remain grateful regardless of how i feel.

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