Why do I never learn

I always say the wrong things and now the police are involved yet again - FFS


How do they involve in the case?

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I was on the phone to the support people as the noise from upstairs is driving me nuts and I said I want to go up there and shoot him in the face with my nail gun


Why did you say that?
Do you mean it or it was just
a nonsense you said spontaneously?

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I was venting frustration

However, I did load the gun with nails and put the battery in it the other day because I feared he was going to murder me

We’re naturally the victims more often than not I might add

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It would be safer if you hadn’t a gun

It’s a support line,

You’d think they would help you work through those feelings instead of calling the cops on you.

Damn, I’m sorry man.

They just phoned me back and said the police are taking no further action

I am glad


good to hear that @Joker
i’m glad for you =)

This is why I don’t talk to therapists. I don’t have homicidal tendencies and I’ve never threatened anyone, but people can take the most innocent thing the wrong way and it opens a can of worms. I spent a lot of time reading what the therapists themselves learned and use it on myself. I’m doing fine.

I’ve only spoken to a therapist a few times and I didn’t find it helpful. Once I taught him something.

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I’m glad you’re not in trouble. But I highly encourage you to try to calm yourself down before speaking to people you’re upset with so you don’t get yourself into trouble


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