Why do i keep having these majestic images

Everytime i walk around listening to music i start taking everything in as this beautiful form. I had a vision that i had wires attaching me to the sky and how we are all connected on a loving level. Why do i keep having these epiphanies? I keep having this beautiful images but unable to reach them. Its annoying. I guess thats part of the positive symptoms but they are quite lovely and i just wan to know whats going on. Why do i view the universe as this one great thing run by patterns that we cant physically see but are there and are majestic? Theres so much hidden beauty in this reality and i want everyone to see it


Everytime I listen to music, I envision Pixel on a white horse…dressed only in a pink thong and shining nipple ring.

I haven’t mentioned this before, but seeing as we’re all ‘opening up’ and such…


Well, I think it’s good that you identified it as positive symptoms.

You’re okay. How is school?

Haha I was going to post this in music but the title of the channel I listen to is the same as your post. I guess this is music you might like.(My positive symptom) https://youtu.be/QItwYWV-3Qk.

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Schools pretty good. I keep getting nervous about my work but in the end its not all bad

That’s a decent outlook. I start tomorrow, but I was bored today so I read some stuff again and then some stuff I hadn’t read.

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O u get in a week later then us. Nice. Yea theres always that first week when ur concerned about everything but it gets better

I once thought god was showing me how the stars were on a grid and how he moved them. I could see the strings they were on.
I thought it was amazing.

I tried to show my friends friend but he couldn’t see it and just thought I was a bit cookoo… :blush: