Why do I have high fear and high anxiety of white men

This is not a troll I really have high fear and high anxiety of white men I’ve been dealing with it since sophomore year of high school. Everyday I can’t have a normal day I am scared in the inside what the white men well think of me and I visualize a white male looking at me really nasty look for a unknown reason that I can’t defend myself I get too scared and everyday I can’t think straight when I am talking to people so please help this is why I have no friends cause high fear high anxiety of white men how can I ignore the white men looking at me like that

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Maybe see a doc and get some medication and therapy. It happens to some people. I used to be scared of people but now I’m not. Just know you’re not alone in being afraid like that. There are a lot of good and friendly white men out there.


White men can’t jump. There’s nothing to be afraid of, white men aren’t special.