Why do I feel this mistrust of others and slight anger though I don't vent to them

my mums friend who keeps sending me good morning pictures via WhatsApp is getting on my nerves. I’m mainting my cool but she’s annoying. Flipping heck. She wants to go on a walk with me. This morning she said we can relax today and go to cinema. Omg I don’t want to go cinema.

I quit my job and I had some resentment towards my manager too.

And now my GP. He came up to me and said no hospital will remove my cyst or lump and he can do it at his practice. He’s an idiot and I refuse his services. I think he’s a liar and he narrowed my option cos he gets money to do the surgery. I said I want to get it done at a hospital. I’m gonna cancel the appointment and write a letter stating that if no hospital is willing to do it he can send a referral to my insurance company and they’ll sort it out.


Your mother’s friend sounds really annoying. Your GP might be telling the truth. If you don’t trust him though you should switch.

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just block her number/ or mute ?

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It sounds like you are around a lot of childish people.

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Maybe you need some alone time. When I get too much social interaction suddenly everyone annoys me even if they’re not doing anything bad.

But your complaints sound pretty reasonable to me. Some lady keeps pestering you to hang out when you don’t want to, you were upset with your old job conditions so you quit, and now a doctor you don’t like is saying you have to get surgery from him. Doesn’t seem like abnormal responses.


You need to think of some excuses for not hanging out with this woman. Maybe you could say you’re hearing voices, and you don’t want to go out, or say you’re suffering from some other symptom of sz, and you can’t get out. Hopefully she will get the message that you don’t want to hang out with her. As for your GP, you might have no option but to trust him a little. Go over your insurance policy and see where you stand.

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The GP is vile. He was rude to my gran telling her she’s annoying because her breathing causes her to make noise. Said she did it on purpose. I used to go to him when young. Once I asked for counceling. I was in my early teens. He doesn’t believe in such treatment. Told me to just grow up basically.

I never go to see him. However in my appointment today with my own GP he came over to see me and my cyst. He said no hospital will perform the surgery and he’s the only one at my practise to do it.

Err, excuse me? No hospital in London has a consultant dermatologist to remove this sebaceous cyst? So I wrote a letter pointing out one that performs skin surgery. And that id like to be referred if this includes removing the cyst. I also pointed out that I’m happy to wait six months as my insurance company covers the treatment. He can refer me there if no hospital will do it. I said I’d rather have it removed by a consultant dermatologist in a hospital Not in a gp practise.

He gets money for it I believe. And for giving old people flu injections. And he had it on his board that we should avoid calling out of hours as it costs them money.

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Can you change gp surgery or gp?

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Yup, just long process and need to look into one that is a little more expiernced in mi

You find a NHS gp and turn up fill out a form and they give you a appointment a couple of weeks down the line.

I had to do this a few times…

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The dumb thing is , I used to be with another practise and since it closed the quickest thing for me was to transfer to my old (current) practise. Should have taken my time

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