Why do I feel like I am going to die soon?

I have this constant feeling that makes me feel like I am going to die soon. I just keep feeling so weak, lethargic, out of breath, and fatigued.

I don’t know if this is fatigue or just anxiety.

It’s been like this for months and now I don’t understanr why I feel this way.

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I can relate. I had a insomnia period where I was very weak and ill. Looking back it’s almost a miracle that I got through it.

The key for me was to get good sleep, and also start excersising and going for walks when I started feeling better.

I still feel like that insomnia period was like burning the candle in both ends when it came to my health. Maybe I won’t live to get very old, or maybe I get lucky and somehow recover…


do you mean ‘constant’ feeling, or recurring a lot.

I had my first mammogram last year,
and everything is fine. I also asked my GP
to do special testing of my blood for anything abnormal,
and that came back fine too.
it’s pretty amazing, since I have done A Lot of beer drinking,
and smoking cigs.
I had a chest or lungs x-ray several years ago,
and it was fine,
but I should have another one done.

Anyway, these tests have put my mind at ease,
and maybe you should do the same.

sorry to hear you feel like this =(
I think you should try to think of other things maybe you will start to feel better too…

You’re a strong individual. Having read some of your entries I gather you must be very tough. Stay strong, this too shall pass.

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@Daze @Mr_Hope @lekkerhondje @gene

Thanks. It’s such a weird feeling. I just feel like I should plan my end just in case my NMD symptoms kick in…

Or maybe I am panicking and second guessing myself.

it doesn’t help that we read or hear about young people dying,
for many different reasons.
How are your genes, or longevity?

I have a genetic defect, which is causing my disease. I’ve heard that we’ve got normal or near normal lifespan but I don’t know what type I have. We’re still figuring that out right now.

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just count each day, I guess.

I can’t wait til I can get back to my bucket list. Rona, right when I wanted to do Everything.

It’s called impending doom and it really sucks. SSRIs helped me with that

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My guess is that first is anxiety and second what anxious about. If there is nothing to be anxious about then perhaps the mind makes something up to fill in the blank.

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