Why do i feel cheesy?

I hope i use the right word, but in fact i feel cheesy often now. Its a pain. Suffering yes… i can even watch some people on the tv and i compare myself to them. Is it my illness? Maybe its a complex, idk… I can even go to the suspiciosness that the others have or know something that ll never be accessible to me. Maybe i mean by this some happinness, some strenght too :smirk: . Its my birthday today, but i wonder why i even dont feel my meds for some good… Hell, have i any chances to get more active one day? It almost makes me cry this “between 4 walls now”, you know this… Did somebody here knew the break of his isolation cause the meds helped?
Kisses to all

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Happy birthday Anna :blush::blush:

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I hope I phrase this so it sounds like how I feel, empathetic and not how it might sound, like I’m an ass.

I’ve always liked the line “You can’t always get what you want…But if you try you might find you get what you need.” (Then Keith Richards starts riffing on the guitar)

I get jealous of what I don’t have all the time. I get mad at what the combinations of Sz and some bad life choices have taken from me. That is the thing that gets to me the most. A great deal of the stuff that has happened to me was in no way my fault. If my life is going to be messed up, I should at least be the one to mess it up.

But then I get hit with moments of clarity. In those moments I realize that I may never get the things I think I want and sometimes feel I need. But there are other things out there, great things, that I can have.

And I do believe you can get more active someday. You just have to work on it in small doses and try to do a little better each day, without pushing yourself too hard. Try to think outside the box. If you can’t do one thing, what can you do so you can spend some time in an activity?


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