Why do I fear therapy?

I fear snapping at the therapist and attacking him if he stresses me too much. Stress makes me angry. Whats the solution?

You should look into anger management classes.


Do they offer these one on one at my house?

No. You might be able to do it virtually, but otherwise it’s a class you go to


I’m afraid of going back to therapy myself. Sometimes unpleasant memories and feelings come up. And it’s hard for me to share things that expose my vulnerabilities to other people. The idea of talking about some of the stuff that I need to talk about is scary for me. But I probably do need to talk about it.

When I was in therapy before, my therapist was very good at pacing the sessions so it didn’t bring up too many stressful things at once. My therapist would actually slow things down if it started to get a little overwhelming for me.

It’s also perfectly appropriate to share this fear with a therapist during the initial appointment (or anytime, really.) If the therapist knows that this is a concern for you, they can work with you on it. They might do something like have you come up with a specific phrase to say if you’re reaching your limits, so they’d know where you’re at and can bring the session back down to a more comfortable level. I’m not saying that a therapist would do that, but it’s the sort of thing that a therapist might do.

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I would get a therapist and just be very upfront that this is your concern. They should then help you come up with strategies to try in the moment.

Still, though, getting a therapist is going to make leaning to work through those emotions go so much better than trying to figure it out in your own.

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