Why do I do this to myself?

I ate pizza (the new Detroit pizza from pizza hut) and garlic bread with David I got sick… As usual… Why do I do this to myself?? Like seriously I know what will happen

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I know what that’s like all too well. About every six months, I get a mean craving for Kentucky Fried Chicken… It’s like having the flu, except worse LOL

But six months later I come crawling back… Humans are a foolish breed

How was the new pizza though? :bird::bird::bird:

@Cragger. :mask:

@GrayBear. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

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@GrayBear. like seriously best pizza I’ve ever had no joke

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@GrayBear. I feel really weak and like I can clonk out at any moment… My stomach hurts pretty bad too…

Sounds like you ate too much. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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@GrayBear. You can say that again… I really don’t feel good…

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You might have a problem with gluten.

@anon6551389. I know I do I have celiac… I just have a hard time resisting pizza and garlic bread

Do you have TUMS or anything? :shark::shark::shark:

I know. Domino’s has gluten free pizza.

@GrayBear. I took pepto
@anon6551389. Small town we only have pizza hut


@anon6551389. @GrayBear. My ribs hurt… On side and front like I have ran… I feel somethings not right old what to do

Just hang in there. :elephant::elephant::elephant:

@GrayBear. @anon6551389. I ended up in the hospital for chest pains… I’m fine it was a panic attack


Glad your okay. :whale2::whale2::whale2:

It’s okay to treat yourself once in a while despite impending medical issues.

I’m not advocating for a diabetic to consume a 12 pack of soda in a day but you know what I mean.


@ThePickinSkunk. I had such a bad stomachache I had chest pains from a panic attack and ended up in the hospital for 3 or 4 hours

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I’m sorry to hear that. Hmm!

But the pizza was good yes? Maybe slightly worth it or if I am off my rocker then you should disregard my previous post.

Meant no harm.