Why do i always want to be loved?


hi. i just think that the proper form of treatment/therapy for us with sz is to find real love in this world.

it sounds so silly and immature but maybe there’s some grains of truth in my assumption.

how do you feel?



We all wanna be loved. Most of us wanna be touched and felt both emotionally and physically.

I have emotional love and intimacy in my life. No physical intimacy. It is a step but yeah I’m not content until after I get all the love I feel I deserve. It’s hard to find someone. Fortunately have friends and family. I want a girlfriend. But like, I never leave my house in the winter so it’s highly unlikely.


I always wanna be loved too - but i attract the wrong type of woman, they probably can sense my lonilness and desparation - so i end up getting used by them. I garuntee one person will be calling tommrow - to borrow money cos she knows its my payday. Im gonna make sure im out. doesnt do much for my self-esteem :frowning:


You meet women at the pub or other places too? Because I can’t do the bar scene. For one I don’t drink and I hate large crowds and aren’t in love with the people it attracts. And I’m broke to go there. Would like to meet a girl in some nature place or program because she’d be more my type maybe. It’s about where you meet em cuz everyone puts on a different face where their environment is. Which face do you wanna see/be.


I havent been to my local pub for about 3 weeks now. Ive been a hermit and stayed in spending my money online instead. Im not really sure what i want. Its just annoying for me when i naivley think they are looking out for me.

Yet choose to ignore me when they no im broke. Im the type of bloke that “falls in love” too quickly anyway, and invetibaly gets dissappointed when it doesnt work out.

I really dont know what scene i would be comfortable in now. Even down my local they started taking advantage - i couldnt have a quiet pint without being asked to put bets on for people or do there bloody shopping.

I think ill be a hermit for the time bieng.


I can’t even go to the bar, buy a cheeseburger order a water. And listen to the music. They charge a cover fee at the door if you wanna listen to the music. That’s what I really wanna do every 2 weeks. I wish life wasn’t so expensive I’m constantly broke living on ssdi


I know what you mean. Im glad im able to go out and not so unwell that it scares me anymore. Im not made of money either - my lifestyle includes living on credit cards and an overdraft for a month till the benefits come thru.

Sorry if i derailed the thread! Bad habit of mine! x