Why do I always feel sick?

I’m tired of being sick and tired. My stomach is really bugging me. I know what the dr would say. That I have a stomach flu. Go home and rest. Drink a lot of water or tea.

I hope you feel better soon!


That is all the doctors at this point are saying. Unless there’s fever and a few other key symptoms. It’s viral is the answer. My kids are out of sick days, but the doc says don’t bring them in cause it’s a waste of money. The pediatrician did yell at our school admins though, saying it was stupid to require a doctor’s note to be excused, yet send an email every few days saying if sick don’t come to school. He told them my kids are taking off if they feel sick, he’ll back date a note if they wanna pay for it. We kept them home today, all 3 kids and my hubby and I went to Applebee’s for my early bday dinner last night…3am hit and I had 3 teens fighting over the bathroom. Hubby and I have not been feeling well, but luckily ours has been less severe.

Can’t say if it was the food or just the virus going around again. But I called the school line at 4am and said they weren’t coming in.

The pediatrician has done all he can do to help, he’s bent over backwards. My doc and urgent care, well, ■■■■ them. They did nothing except check temp and blood pressure. Said OTC, fluids, and sleep.

@FatMama can you take like Tums soft chews? Those have helped my upset tummy more than regular hard Tums/Rolaids, as those make me throw up pretty quick. The soft chews I can tolerate, and 1 usually helps quickly if you have excess stomach acid from the virus we had/have.

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I don’t have those but maybe I’ll pick some up tomorrow.
That is bizarre that a note is required for your kids. I’ve never heard of that before.

Yeah, I get 10 “parent” excused days, otherwise it’s gotta be all doctor or funeral. When Kiefer was out of school for 3 weeks for tonsillectomy last year school threw a ■■■■ fit! It was pre-informed, but was kinda an emergency as school only got a 2 day warning cause it was so severe and really bad. But they wanted him to only take 5 excused days, the pediatrician, surgeon, and his therapist all put their feet down and told school they would give him 6 weeks to recover if school wanted to play bulkshit games. He got 3 weeks off, but we had his homework already done before his 2nd week of recovery. He sat on the computer and did it while recouping.

South Dakota has a 5 day parent excused policy, so that was worse cause the nearest doctors were 90 miles away, and served 5 counties with only 6 GP. They didn’t have pediatricians out there, so the whole population saw those 6 doctors, it was so stupid. Our GP would just fax a note, I’d call and be like kid 1 is sick, she’d be like done!

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