Why do i always fear the hospital?

My doctor told me a while ago that if i get a worsening of symptoms i should go to the hospital. Now every time i get paranoid i think im going to end up in the hospital. But im always better by the next day. Sometimes it just takes 12 to 16 hours to feel better.


I am so afraid of hospitals.

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The last time i was in hospital I couldn’t function without lorazepam
The anxiety was so bad I couldn’t leave my room and ended up going hungry
At breakfast I would go for my cereal and shake like a leaf

I have avoided them for a few years now

Very selective about what I choose to share

But they know now I mean no harm to anyone or myself, so that puts me down in the list enough for me to get by without that headache

Went to a halfway hospital for a night earlier this year, and then I had a mental health act assessment.

They said I can go voluntarily, or be forced to. Funny how they use this little tricks with the law, but I have seen how long some people end up if they get a proper section

As it happens, they allowed me to stay with my parents whilst I waited for a bed. Nearly got sent about 2-300 miles away

I was able to wear down the crisis team who was babysitting me, and got off the bed list.

Definitely the worst most stressful 4 days this year waiting for a call to go inpatient

Every time I saw the crisis team I just told them to stop bothering me, and I was no longer a risk

If it was really serious, then I guess they would have forced the issue.

Then again, they go around forcing people into these situations without the bed capacity to back it up.

Our health service doesn’t have enough acute treatment beds, as they have cut them too close to the bone

I agree that people are better in the community, but there is a deal here… If they’re going to do that, fund it and have a safety net of a bed if need be

What we have now isn’t doing either of these things

I’d like decision makers to be cognisant of what the asylum system would have cost the tax payer had they kept that and adjusted for inflation

They don’t pay the staff properly, and the patients get shafted by the system because the staff are being driven into the ground

It was just about ok before Covid, but now it’s an awful situation

Some of the local waits for just seeing a pdoc are very long here. I fear for the younger people with onset are going to become so ill before treatment that their lives will be at a great risk if they do something stupid

Very sad situation

Sorry to rant on. I will stop


Last time my pdoc spoke about going to the hospital was in 2019. But it was because I was suicidal. I didn’t go though. Took a couple of months to find my footing again.

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I used the hospital a lot over thirty five years and it stopped working for me.

As it is now here they really don’t want to give you a place in a ward unless it is absolutely necessary. The last time they asked me if I were homeless.

In the end I went for socialization. But the last time I went several people were screamers and I got upset and screamed some. I had a big increase in symptoms and they pushed me out without any assessment. There are just too my of us and no money to keep us locked up. I could only get long term confinement if I did something really bad. Then it would be a different setting, I wouldn’t like that crowd.

I’m pretty confident if I stay clean and sober I’ll stay out of trouble.

Yeah. Ive been sober for a while. I dont know what triggered me today. Im still freaking out. Its been 10 hours now.

Because hospitals are very often not nice places to be in.
It can feel like a prison the way you are held against your will and not allowed your phone or electronics etc.

I have only been in one for 24 hours, but I was essentially locked in a room with a bed for said 24 hours. Very much like a prison.

A few years ago a pdoc at the local hospital took a restraining order out on me which meant I had to go to the hospital in Anchorage 350 miles away. One time I was waiting in the local ER for a bed in Anchorage and was there in that little holding room for 18 days. They put shackles on me for the plane ride and had 2 guards accompany me. I hate the hospital…still, now that one pdoc left the local hospital, they don’t send me to Anchorage anymore, so it’s not so bad.

I hate the hospital because it’s so boring there.

Jeeze. Thats awful. Thats exactly like prison.

The last time i went to the ER they put me in a reclining chair and said they didnt have any beds. I asked for a bed cause i was paranoid and freaking out but they said they didnt have any. Meanwhile i was looking at one open. So after 20 minutes of noone taking thebbed i hopped in it. They transferred me to another hospital in philly. Charged me 1000 dollars too. Just for a risperdol pill and overnight stay. It was such crap. Thats why i dont want to go back. I was fine by morning and didnt even need to go to the hospital.

Its just what my doctor said that sticks with me while im paranoid. “You need to go to the hospital if you have a worsening of symptoms” that means id have to go every week. I wish he would have never said that

Positive self re enforcement helps. Unconditional love & acceptance.

My son was a victim of the present system. I am a beneficiary of the old, 1980’s through 2000’s system.

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Hopefully things have improved…

Yes, are hospitals better in the 80s or now?

Really sorry to hear that @SkinnyMe :frowning:

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Thankyou @Joker. Its getting a little better as time marches on.

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