Why do humans love animals so much?

Believe me i love them to. But its so fascinating that since forever we have domesticated animals for work, or just love. Non human animals are incredible in that they only live to live and dont need any meaning in the cosmos. I mean people literally look at videos of cats all day its amazing. Why do u love ur pets or animal friends so much?

I forgot to say food but thats not what i mean and in my world view only few species of animals should be used for food.

Humans love animals because they are so cute and cuddly.

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And this simplicity is so amazing to me… no questions, no worries (future etc), no consciousness… just live… maybe at some level we humans envy them in our own complicated struggles with a reality.


They have consciousness.


I love my dog because he simply is.

No deception, no passive-aggression, no BS, no manipulation, no double meanings, no hang ups.

We eat together, he likes meat, I share my meat off my plate with him and we’re chill.
When he wants to play, he jumps up on me with a toy and demands my attention.
When he wants to cuddle, he climbs up on me and makes himself a spot.
If he shits on the floor, I scold him, he knows it was wrong, and then we’re both over it in 3 minutes.
Neither of us like it when strangers come near the house, because it’s our frikkin house.

I can just “be” with my dog at all times, and we are on the same page, chill and straightforward, no BS, just enjoying the little ■■■■ in life like food, sleep and wrestling.

When I have to interact with people then all of that uniquely obnoxious people stuff comes flooding into the picture and suddenly I’m not even me, I’m not just “being”, I’m on guard and trying to read between the lines, trying to figure things out on time because people are so bloody cryptic and indecisive and bizarre.


I’m sorry to say that dogs are not always happy and that makes me more sad for them. Sure they have a simpler view of the world, but they’re also prone very much to extreme loneliness and depression. It’s not long after their owners die that they do too.

Honestly, I don’t like that people tend to love animals more than humans. The latter is much harder to do and I like challenges.

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Sorry, I meant self-consciousness…

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I have loved dogs that cheerfully went hiking with me in my younger days. I could go anywhere and say anything to them and they were just there, not judging me. I have loved horses who were a means to escape, who ran like the wind, and who also had no judgements about me. I have loved parakeets who just want to sing and play, and they have amazing attitudes for their size, and they just bring so much joy. And I have loved cats who were cool and confident and beautiful and loving. My cat now is unique. He’s been challenging, but I can’t imagine how quiet and empty the house would be without him. Animals take only the basics and give back the immeasurable. :heart:


My cat is very self conscious. He knows it’s himself in the mirror and everything.

Because they are nonjudgmental sentient beings. And so darn cute too!


I love my kaisei, (bearded dragon) he is sometimes the sweetest lizard I have ever met. other times he gives you the stink eye for waking him up from his afternoon nap ( its cute ) as long as he doesn’t puff up his beard and its not black do I know he really isn’t mad just a little annoyed.

Some cats get interested in themselves in a mirror and some don’t. I don’t know why.

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Make an experiment. Put a red little sticker on one side of your cat’s cheek. If it tries to take it off with its paw I will truly believe it has self awareness. That experiment has been conducted with a chimpanzee. I don’t remember the results but it was one of the way to prove one’s self awareness. Tell me the results :slight_smile:

Limited consciousness.

He’s been stuck with a lot of things and he always takes it off. He is self-aware, I’m sure that animals are self-aware

I am not talking about the bag or a yoghurt can :wink:

How will you explain running after own dog’s tail or chewing on cat’s own paw…?

We’re not that different from animals.

Fun/it scratches