Why do all guys are avoiding me?

i have two ill friends, girls and they always find someone for sex… the guys are flirting with them and me,nothing… is that because i was really closed to those kind of expriencies? otherwise,they re still single as me…

I haven’t had the best of luck with guys lately. I’ll just be more natural next time, because it made me more anxious from preparing too much. This last guy had bad manners though.

The thing about it whether good or bad, dates cause me to get nice dresses and do other nice things in preparation. I wouldn’t have this haircut if I didn’t think I was going to meet a man. This stems from my tom boy country upbringing where my dad would get me ready last minute with a dress and everything to sing at church. I was the main soloist as a kid at my small Baptist church in our small town. I would get dressed up only for church otherwise is was school clothes and play clothes.

Having different guys hit on you for sex isn’t the best goal to have. Finding the right person is what you should aspire to and there is someone out there for you. Beauty fades, and you have the life experience that other women don’t have. You’ve come through the fire and are a better person for it.


From my experience, the problem is on myself. Sometimes I don’t feel fine so I don´t want to talk anyone. Sometimes I have very difficult to talk to women because I am shy; Sometimes I don´t know what topics to talk with them; I have difficult to understand feelings and body language of my partner. Sometimes I don´t have money so I can not go out with them ( in my country this is very important).
I think that I have improved enough but I still have to overcome many problems.


If it’s only sex you want, there’s a million guys out there who will have sex with any girl who has a pulse. Yeah, maybe you are closing yourself off.


You might be too shy and cut off from everyday banter to interact with guys easily. You’re probably not savvy to the intricasies of flirting. It’s not something that can’t be learned. Watch your friends and try to see what they’re doing that gets results for them.

I hate to say this, because it’s kind of hypocritical for me to say it, but sometimes being too eager with the boys can scare them off. Sometimes it’s better to play hard to get. Not too much, but make them work a little bit to get you. Of course, that all goes with the intricasies of flirting. It’s an art form that can be learned. Don’t be too stand offish, but don’t be too eager also.

Sometimes the way you carry yourself also affects guys approach. Your hairstyle, makeup, clothes, attitude. Do you and your friends have the same style?

Do you also get that feeling that youre not doing things right? I often get the feeling that when im not talking with somebody that i am at fault and should start some topic, then i realize i dont know what to talk about(which would interest the person) and it makes me feel like some useless subhuman who cant keep a conversation. Its not that often but its one of the worst social experiences.

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How is the new place going @danddolo do you have internet now?

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Its perfect. Everything i need is here. A big house from the 60’s with a nice ‘land lot?’. You can plant vegetables and breed animals(chickens & rabbits) if you want. The internet is slower than the internet i had in my old home, its still good enough though. They dont have faster internet available in this area yet.

What about you? Have you been to your homecountry? How was it? How did your parents & familiy welcome you?

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Aww :blush: Thanks. Good luck with your new house and med free life. I’m sure you’ll feel better in no time.

I’m fine, having the hardest time. I have changed a lot I guess. Everybody is cheap and miserable. I’m spending so much money. I’m drinking a lot of coffee and alcohol. I posted a lot of pics, i dont know which threads. I checked for tickets to leave this weekend but the difference is 500$ i’m stuck here till 22nd.

The problem is I have nothing left here and norhing to go back to. Lolll worst realization ever

Thanks. You will be your former self once youre back home, im sure. :slight_smile: Its always hard to travel to different countries and cultures, you kind of behave differently there and the people are different, perhaps one accomodates to them. You cant leave until the 22nd? October? Wow you may find it harder to leave the longer you stay lol.

no, i am not so open in irl :slight_smile: i jave troubles talking even :/… and actually now i am talking a lot about illness and i am afraid to do it with the guys…i ve told it in the past. yeah,probably i should heal at first.

Im 39 and a virgin. I have no time for sex. Its a rather shallow experience. In my day I was never really any good with women. I think I was too eager, or maybe desperate was the word.

Maybe your just too hot for us guys to approach?

hi karl, yes its not so bad to dont have sex. one pdoc of my hospital has told that i am flucuating between hypersexuality and hyposexuality. but now i need balance,its painfull all this…

:slight_smile: i am quite fat at the moment, so its not this i think :slight_smile: its more that i am quite autistic. i am scared outside still and when i see people i make like i dont pay attention to them in fact :/.

fat doesn’t equate ugly/unattractive at all. How trivial that might sound, lol

thats me :slight_smile: i have problems smiling some times but probably itll come :slight_smile: i was abused at age of 6, maybe it impact right now… i think i avoid guys as well also,i cant flirt,what an art,yes :slight_smile: