Why did your mother get into Dowtown Abbey, Sheri?

no idea. We came from poverty.

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both your parents, Sheri, well I’m older now.
ok, so this means we forget??

Sometimes it’s nice to see people on TV have the life you wish you could have had.
I guess the plot and the writing plays a part too.

Daydreaming feels good, and tv is visual aid for that.

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yeah, that’s probably true.

I like PBS for the great compelling documentaries,
nothing straight and narrow.

saw a great one last week about graffiti artist in the 70’s.

My mom too and she loves downtown abbey. She somewhat has amnesia about her roots imo but granted I know nothing about downtown abbey. Or what u mean. But ok

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is it still on, Jon? that show.

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No idea. My mom also likes the one the queen. And anything upscale and British

My dad reads tons of nazi/ww2 books

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yeah, I bet it’s mostly a woman’s audience. but idk.

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Downton Abbey has ended.
It’s actually quite thrilling. It’s got plot twists left and right, and the characters are well written.

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My dad has read every killing book by bill orielly

Killing Lincoln
Killing blah blah

Every single one. He likes history. He likes bill o Reilly

i have a book on genghis khan i have a lot of good books i wanna read hold on that ive only read part of …crazy me

makes sense. my mother likes to read books like that,
but I so much wanted her to read The Gods of Gotham.
history in it, since she’s 100% Irish.
she told me she couldn’t get into it.
Phil read it though, after I did.

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glad he’s reading though. can’t remember what happened with Bill O’Reilly on Fox. he might be still writing now.

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These are all great books I started but I get overwhelmed by them and never finish them. Crazy thoughts. Anxious thoughts that I’ll never read them all so I just give up on reading it’s stupid. But I like these.

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Except the one on the top right it was my favorite book ever I read the whole thing

In love with the world. A monks journey through the bardos

Was the name !

even the best, Jon, Pulitizer’s can turn me off. one, the writer used the ‘r’ word 4 times within the first 50 pages. you gotta be kidding me.

i find these books online and order them off ebay whichever i find interesting and ratings help sometimes too but at barnes and noble its hard to either buy 1 book…or not buy everything on the shelf

depending on your standards of books for the day

in the past i would buy more now i usually get 1 or 2

it’s been awhile for me on B&N, do they still do free shipping
over 25 bucks spent?
we gotta pay now on Amazon, for free shipping, even for purchase over 25 bucks.
not a whole lot, but a monthly fee.

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it ended up sad though, Jon, that graffiti artist,
died of a drug overdose, supposedly because
he was devastated that he cut all ties with Andy Warhol.
young, too. in his twenties.

Andy never did drugs, might have drank a little bit.
tried reaching this guy to get off it, but then, no.

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