Why did you start smoking or vaping?

Inspired by Jakes thread of “when did you start smoking”

I’m curious why you picked up the habit?

Accidental? Purposeful?

For me it was a little of both. I was stressed and knew cigarettes weren’t right. But at the same time the girl I was speaking to at the time was stressing me out a lot, and I lowkey thought maybe she’ll stop being annoying if I resort to a cigarette.

I had smoked before this situation, but not out of stress. Just for socials. I remember bright as day, what I felt, did and went through in my mind as I bought the packet.

My girlfriend at the time smoked and I picked it up from her. I had smoked “socially” before that though.

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I was young and smoking a lot of cannabis,

I used cigarettes to cover up the weed smell and ended up addicted.

Picked up vaping to quit smoking.

Still vaping, unfortunately.

I was never a smoker, never had a pack on me. I vape out of boredom since 2017. I don’t think I would vape if my life was busy. I read that 90-95% of schizophrenics use nicotine. Some say it fills time and helps cognitive and negative symptoms.

I never smoked or vaped before my sz diagnosis in 2011.

i started smoking in 2018, i smoked out of boredom at first, 6 cigarettes a day, then some months later i was up to a pack a day. and i’ve been smoking a pack a day for a couple years now. i’ve quit a couple times, but always went back to it. i prefer it to drinking, it relaxes me and gets me outside and doesn’t intoxicate me. usually i pick the habit back up when mom and dad go on vacation and leave me alone, instead of drinking. then a few months go by and i tell myself that i have to quit. i just recently quit for 2 months and everyday i say it’s going to be my last pack i buy when i go to the gas station.

also i noticed i got a bit of a stimulant effect from it, having more interesting thoughts to counter the disinterest in everything from meds.


So, I was bored and going to college… I was craving a dijarum black (not sure if I spelled that right) cause I had smoked one when I was like 15… went and bought a pack (only smoked one occasionally) then the guy I started dating smoked Newport’s, so did his brother, so I started smoking those. Only a few a day. Then I moved from there, and would spend all day on the back porch smoking cause I didn’t like my roommates lol… now I still smoke almost a pack day… but now I smoke Marlboro black…

Back in my youth everyone smoked almost, parents had us rolling smokes for them, was a different time

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Honestly, I think it was peer pressure. I was 13 and my friends were smoking, so I just tried it, got hooked. We all stole smokes from our parents.

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I picked up smoking two months before I became 30 years old. It was out of boredem.

My cousin was smoking, she was 4 years older than me

Just To be cool

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