Why did they tell me 5mg was not an effective dose? (abilify)

I went to see a GP in training (most likely specialising in mental health) in a mental health centre. She advised me to stick to my meds and that i am well because the meds are working.

To be honest, i went to see them again because I wanted to go off my meds after 4 years remission from my initial episode.

She said she’d have to consult a psychiatrist before she makes a decision and let me know.

The pdoc on the other hand said this was not an effective dose and that i could come off in about 6 months.

Sometimes they don’t know what they.re talking about. Sometimes they might.

When i reduced my med from 2mg risperdal to 1mg i had a terrible insomnia that 10mg of ambien was not helping me, and in 10 days i start having depressions, the meds definitely alters our brain, we need long time and slowly reduce the med so our brain wont go into shock. Don’t trust those psychiatrists that much, they don’t take antipsychotics, they don’t know how it feels.