Why did they call him out?

He hit an infield single, but the opposing team bobbled it

he ran thru first base and turned Right, out into the out of bounds

but then the right fielder got the ball from a miscue, and

the runner was leisurely going back to first base

but the ump said You’re out, when they tagged him.

cuz it was a live ball or what?

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I was an umpire. Not a very good one. Sounds like the ump missed the call.

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strange. I asked my step dad about it, he didn’t know.

Anyway, Cubbies won 30 to 6. What a game!

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The runner must have made a move to go to second, which is why he was considered off of the base, and allowed to be tagged out.

He didn’t though, Patrick, he went right, Cubbies are young, they may not know, I think it had something to do with the fact like any other base, you gotta stay on it. but not sure. Especially since the ball was not contained.

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