Why did my manager take credit?

It was only us two in a meeting

I was told by her that ‘I found the error’, when she knows full well I found it!

Is it that she was embarrassed or should I watch out for a more sinister pattern of behaviour in future?


That’s a terrible behavior. At least give you credit - and say my team found the error, geez.


I don’t expect a pat on the back or whatever, but what she said wasn’t true.

Not sure if she’s someone I should be putting much stock in

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No - definitely take note of this, now you know what to expect in the future. Maybe keep documentation.

On another note, sounds like you are doing a good job.

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Thanks. The only criticism I got, or a telling, was that things don’t move very fast and to be patient

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Maybe she didn’t want me to feel embarrassed in front of the team as I am so new and picked holes in the work being done with very limited experience with the organisation?

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