Why did my doc prescribe only 25mg of clozapine

I wont stop meds :confused:

ah but you just said that in the other thread =/

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good to hear you won’t stop your meds though

What are they? Can they also be caused by autism?

I just feel like stopping them but i wont

Idk they could be based on autism

I fear that people want to kill me and drug me

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Hopefully the Clozapine will help you. Some are on 500mg. You’re already better than a while ago.

How do u know that im better

You kept posting about hiding in the bathroom thinking that your parents are trying to kill you, by gas poison etc

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Well yeah im better than back then but not every symptom is gone yet

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I still have triggers that cause me paranoia like violent or horror movies/tv shows or seeing blood, ppl sick etc

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Seeing hospitals and sick ppl triggers and scare me too.

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Is it normal to be like me?

normal is not the right word huh… normal would be like how everybody is but we all are a bit outside the range of normal. But when you take people like us overall then you would be normal i’d say