Why did i have to wake up again?

Everday is the same…


Things can get better - they can…

I feel that way sometimes. But, especially if you’re a creative person, you can make a day different from the others. It feels like too much effort sometimes, so you choose to wait another day or be creative today. If you must wait then look for inspiration by listening to music.
We don’t always know what our purpose is, or why the days seem pointless sometimes, but we can look at the bigger picture. Today my very well be pointless, but your existence is not.
Hang in there. I’ve “hung in there” for many many many years (I’m old) I have countless useless and awful days, but every single good/productive/meaningful day makes it all worthwhile. :sun_with_face:


Hey @lostinthespace how are your vlogs going?
I dread waking up. When I wake up I start to panic. People watch my thoughts 24/7 and call me all sorts of names and judge me harshly. I just want to make it to my birthday, hopefully I can make it.

I get you man. I feel like I’m deprived of the things that make life worthwhile for normal people.

I don’t know what to tell you … but I can tell you what helps me… go to a park and sit near a lake watch the swans, the birds and the people … don’t go if you have things to do that day … go when you can spend the whole day there. … it’s relaxing and you may even find your purpose. :smile::smile::smile:

Obviously as you can see I’m not a good philosopher , but what I’m trying to say is … it helps me gain clarity.

What about the music man? You know that will only get better.

Try to find a project or hobby. maybe church? These things have helped me. When none of the above helped me it was depression and they put me on Zoloft. You thing may be a little different.

I can’t find a new sound

Made it to my birthday yeah! I’m so happy. Had a rough start but it ended up ok. Now I just want to survive and hope things don’t become worse.

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