Why can't we take Pimavanserin for psychosis?

Why does it only work in dementia psychosis? Why can’t we take it for psychosis? Also I don’t think Lumateperone is going to be that big of a deal I mean it pretty much affects the same transmitters as the current 2nd generation AP, am I wrong?

Only time will tell but I have a feeling that it’s going to be another weak Antipsychotic.

Yes I am scared it will be a weak antipsychotic and maybe taken adjunct

What makes you guys think it will weak other then pure speculation? Any information as you to why you think it will “weak”?

All the phases didn’t go smooth in trials that’s why

Like what? Pretty sure nothing goes “Smooth” in medication discovery

It was one of the phases can’t remeber

One of the trials (for Lumateperone) had a very high placebo response and therefore it failed in that trial. But the med itself performed at about the same level across all three in terms of reduction of PANSS score. Placebo just did better in that one trial. Which is not great - but it’s also not unheard of at all.

Acadia is advancing Pimavanserin for negative symptoms of schizophrenia though. Honestly I have no idea if it will work.

Also Pimavanserin is NOT approved for dementia related psychosis, only for Parkinson’s related psychosis.


Sounds like a great question to ask an actual doctor.