Why can't we handle freedom?

Addiction , pleasure.

I want a alkaline body and diet but I enjoy coffee too much so even though it’s acidic I’m not ready to give it up because I adore my coffee moments.

I have been told coffee is bad for my health but I still want to drink it.
I want that enjoyment of drinking it.

I also enjoy occasional vegan ice cream , chips , chocolate etc

These foods are addictive and taste so good.

If one can keep it to sometimes and not daily ok.

Culture plays a part.
In Sweden coffee n bun is or was the norm every day one or more times aswell as weekly lollies and chips even for adults.

Poverty too.
Organic healthy food is more expensive.

A fruit salad might cost $7 and a cheeseburger $2…

It also feels different and taste different.

I have started drinking soft drink like Pepsi almost daily because I enjoy it.

Some people eat fast food like McDonald’s every day.

I worked at McDonald’s and put on weight when I did.
Taste good but it’s not super nourishing although they have healthy meal options now like wraps and salad but they cost more than the burgers.

I think I lean towards being unhealthy with food more than my parents.:open_mouth::yum:

I watched what the health on Netflix.

I think it has to do with mental health too and comfort eating etc


You really only need 10-15 minutes four days a week. But if you want the big bad bod, yes, about 1-2 hours daily.

I think the minimum to be healthy is a bit more. Its 150min/week of moderate aerobic exercise and 2 days/week minimum of muscle stregthening training of all body muscles. When I didn’t have sz I did much more to be more healthy, I was 140lb of muscle.

HIIT gives you all the aerobic exercise you need. That’s as little as 10 minutes three days a week. You could add some extra strength exercise but HIIT exercise should be enough for a healthy body.

HIIT is a very intense kind of workout and gives as much benefit as longer aerobic workouts.

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The website I linked says 75min/week of high intensity aerobic exercise. But those are much harder to do especially if you are overweight.

I agree about technology. Not that technology is bad in itself, it’s just that so many people are struggling to use it in a sensible way. If I only did the things I needed to do on a computer I would probably not have to be online more than a half hour on average each day, tops, unless I had a job that required me to be online. But it’s all this people use it for entertainment, either that or watching tv. I’m not saying people should not use it for entertainment, but it’s really hard to manage time spent online versus time spent on other things that would be wise to do, like go for a walk, work out, or even keeping busy with analog entertainment like playing solitaire or solving a jigzaw puzzle that provides some movement of the body.

I think the problem for me is that somehow I subconciously believe that I miss out on the action if I don’t check in online what’s going on, surfing or whatever. Like online is where all the action is. Man has existed for tens of thousands of years, but only for the last 30 years or so have we had internet for the public. I think it’s fair to say that as first and second generation people of the internet age it can be challenging for many of us to adapt.

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I am saying this but myself I cant even do the minimum or even less of the recommended exercise time. I blame the meds as off meds I was walking like 8hrs/day, my weight was much less.

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Also it’s not like it’s entirely our fault. Big technology companies are doing everything in their power to make apps like facebook, google and youtube as addictive as possible.

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Yes but there is a lot of research showing that HIIT is as good for your health as other aerobic exercise. And you’re not supposed to do HIIT every day. It is too intense.

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Yea I keep uninstalling and reinstalling fb and insta as if I keep them installed I will abuse them. Its also depressing to see how good my presz friends are doing in life and how much more advanced in life they are vs me.

It’s not healthy for you to be constantly exposed to that.


Really wish I was capable of it. :frowning:

Doing the best I can with what I have.


Yes it’s really not for those with a heart condition. I’m sure you’re doing very well with your health, especially given your heart condition.

Your not alone. I’m struggling with technology too. Sometimes I wish I could just go completely cold turkey with no internet for 3 months to reset my brain. But ulitmately I am dependent on it for doing things in the bank and communication with some people. I don’t like the idea of relying on going to the library and do stuff on public computers, because I am afraid the computers could be infected with virus or spyware.

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When I went to Cuba for two weeks I didn’t use the internet at all. Neither my cellphone or computer, didn’t bring them with me. Also when I went to Syria for 3 months I only used the computer/internet about 3 times. I think it made me feel refreshed.

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I think it’s because of a change in food options taken, and how much of those food options. Aswell as other things. Like alcohol.
There’s so much food advertising everywhere and fast food stores, corner shops are popping up everywhere. People’s mental health is getting worse so they go to these things for numbing.
I think addiction is becoming worse. And kids are eating fast food instead of meals cooked by their parents.

Just my guess.

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My cardiologist asked me to go to the edge of what I can do, but not to cross the line when it’s obvious I’ve reached the point where my heart can’t repay the oxygen debt. So that’s what I do.

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Comparing yourself to others will make you crazy.

Best to compete with yourself.


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More like comparing my sz self to non sz self makes me crazy :rofl: