Why can't my dream come through?

tell me why my dream can’t appear?



Your dream of big money isn’t going to come true unless you work towards it.

You just keep wishing and hoping and writing posts about it,

But I’ve never heard of you doing anything to get rich other than gamble.

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"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."

  • Colin Powell

your opinion is fueled with nagtived and sadness, and btw my dreams are quite private, which i hold private so piss off gimp

Truth hurts,

Doesn’t it?

no bully trys to hurt

You’re not in 5th grade getting pushed around at recess,

So stop calling me a bully.

You’re a grown ass man,

Start working towards your dreams instead of just hoping they’ll come true.

at least i have hopes/dreams for the future, u seem to shoot down all dreams i don’t care either way

Telling you that you need to work for your dreams to come true isn’t shooting them down or bullying.

you only post on threads to say the oppsite …my dreams are on the way ok

ur butt hurt and can’t get over it

Note to Pedro,

Women can’t stand superficial men.

Just sayin…

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is that a insult?