Why can't I sleep normal like everyone else?

No matter what I do I stay up all night even if I stay up all day and pull a 24 hr I go to sleep for like 2 hrs and wake up all sweaty then I’m back to staying up all night again :pensive: can you guys give me some advice? Sleeping pills don’t work


Lol dude I was just wondering the same thing hahah but I guess that’s normal if ur awake at 4am lol wish I could sleep too

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I am the same way.

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Even I am the same way.

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I was going to suggest sleeping pills but u say sleeping pills don’t work

That’s strange they should work

Do u have anxiety

Some sleeping medication should be available

Hope you get good sleep

All the best

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I got 4 hours of sleep after taking 8 benadryl. I thought for sure I would sleep longer if I took those.

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