Why can't I recieve any likes?

The heart/like logos are not there in the today’s postings.


Log out and log in again.

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I received a like now by someone.


Log out, clear your computer’s cookies, and log back in. Maybe restart your computer.

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You mean you didn’t receive likes? That’s not a glitch. People might just not be hitting the heart.

Is the heart logo not there for the user to see til it’s liked?
Because if so then that was the case.

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You can’t like your own posts. There’s no heart on your own posts until someone else likes it

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That’s what I thought, thanks!


Ohh do you mean notifications? The default setting is to only notify you the firsttime a specific post is liked every day. You can change this under preferences: notifications.

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I meant the heart-logo but it was just that one appears when a like has been applied.

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