Why can't I question unreal thoughts?

On real time I find it hard to question self when unreal thoughts plays a role.

How do you guys manage ?

I dunno.

Sometimes I forget I’m ill and take thoughts as truth.

It might be a momentary lapse in insight.

It helps to be on this forum often, as it’s a reminder that I’m dealing with a chronic illness.

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I pointed finger at everything around me, forgot that the remaining four fingers pointed at me.

Not sure what that means, but maybe what you’re trying to say is that when loss of insight happens, it’s easy to blame others or jump to conclusions without any real evidence.

It’s really difficult during those moments to stop and assess your own self.

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Lean to think rationally. I’m hyper rational, it’s just my personality, I love truth (as best as I can determine it). Even when I was delusional and speaking to my doctor I told him I knew from a clinical point of view my belief would be considered a delusion and he was happy I had insight into it (even though I still believed it).

The only quick way I can think of to help train yourself to think rationally is to follow pages on Facebook that post daily quote memes from famous intellectuals and philosophers. You’ll get a lot of truth that will help you think rationally, that it turn can train your brain and help you fight unreal thoughts.

Also look into CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) to help fix your cognitive (thinking) distortions.

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