Why can't I post a link?

I know the censorship on this site and the internet is rampant but my god… why?

Because you’re still a new user.

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And what is the point of that?

To prevent spam posts and troll posts.


To prevent bots from spamming the site

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How does preventing us from posting links prevent bots from spamming the site? Spam can be done by posts, but not allowing to post links will prevent them?

The most common kind of bot spam is mass posting links. Preventing new users from posting links greatly cuts down on it, yes

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We don’t want someone to create a new user account for the sole purpose of posting a link to their website (spam) or posting an inappropriate link (troll).


Where in 2021, if someone wants to spam your website with something other then links (Since you just automatically stop them) they can, it’s relatively easy even a monkey could do it.

Oh and in other words things that you don’t agree with is a inappropriate link (troll) now? Got it.

Good job mods you go!

My goodness, you’re salty tonight!

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MODS, Please suspend this user he triggered me.

I always suggest when someone is so unhappy with how this site is run to go make their own.