Why can't I have friends and relationships?

What is it that sets me apart? Do I look odd? Do I give off a vibe that says stay away? Too ugly or too fat. I really do not get it. I try to fit in but I’m always the odd one out. I’m almost 29 for goodness sake.


Keep trying. I’ve felt the same way often. But I’ve had YEARS where I was VERY social. I was hanging out with my sister and her friends. I was going to parties, going out to eat, or concerts, I even used to go with my sister when she went to pick up my nephew from his first grade class. And I would meet the teacher, and parents and even got into basketball games with the kids. It was not always smooth or easy, but I did a lot of fun stuff. You’re time will come. I actually have never needed a circle of friends. I’m perfectly happy having one friend who I can do stuff with. But I used to make unintentional friends in AA or at work. Sometimes I’m too friendly and people invite me places. But I’ve been in your situation often.


I’m sure you can make friends. It just takes a bit more effort for people with this condition I guess. I have a hard time making friends myself. I always get paranoid and wind up distancing myself. But luckily some of the people I know are stubborn and can get past my issues and still cheer me up. I’m lucky to have them.


I remember that pic of you from the other thread… You are NOT ugly. In fact I really thought you were very beautiful.

Friends are hard even for NON-Sz people. Sure, commercials and Facebook make it seem like everyone has a million friends. But they don’t. I’ve been asking non-sz people on this, and as life gets faster and people get to an age where they work and come home exhausted, friends are harder for a lot of people.

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