Why can't i get a job?

I currently can’t get a job, but it is not for the lack of trying.It is starting to really upset me,as i can no longer live off the pittance of benefits i receive.I can’t afford any luxuries or enjoy life.


Well you either need to buckle up your belt or look for low end jobs like in supermarkets or factories. If you have a degree then look up for you qualifications

I have been applying for these low end jobs, as retail is where all my work experience is in.Thanks for support by the way!.Now i know why i rarely come on this forum anymore.

Try some corner shops, i would go out with bunch of cvs and hand them out. As far as i knoe it is illegal in UK to hand out paper cvs

I can’t work because of positive symptoms
and also because i don’t understand instructions
I’m not fast in work.
I’m not experienced in jobs.

Do you have goodwill where you live? I work there
They hire a lot of people with disabilities. Some of the most awkward people end up there and it’s a real easy gig

Sometimes jobs are hard to get, and if there are lots of people competing for the same jobs, it can take months to find one.

Perhaps look into techniques for writing application and CVs, as they’re the first impression potential employers get of you.

If you struggle with spelling and grammar, maybe have someone write a general application for you, or proofread your resume.


Sorry you are having trouble. Weird things are happening with jobs lately. I will say that I know Lowes to be a disability-friendly employer who pays their disabled employees the same wages as their non-disabled employees, and really respects special accommodations.

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I keep getting job interviews and turning them down! I’m trying to get in a construction apprenticeship program . I have an interview in an hour and a half in Oakland and I’m not going . I’m waiting to start an apprenticeship program in fall. Hmmm i wish you could have my job interviews :joy: maybe pay one of those people to help you with your resume

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i’m sorry to hear you aren’t able to get a job… i’d say keep trying. Maybe you can try with like an interim agency?

I have no problem getting a job but have problems with keeping jobs for more than 2-4 weeks.

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Thats when I was on Abilify where my negative symptoms were best.

@Aziz I also struggle to keep a job, mostly because I can never focus these days

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You’re just not showing up or you cancelled?

Have you tried employment agencies? I’ve got several jobs from employment agencies. You just go in and fill out some initial paperwork and they find the job for you. In my neck of the woods we have employment agencies specifically for the disabled. They can either find you a regular job without telling the employer you’re disabled or they could find a company who hires the disabled.

ah yea that’s what it’s called. i meant that with saying interim agencies.

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I cancelled I keep applying to jobs that I don’t want! It’s kind of far and I don’t want to drive around selling tortillas ! I don’t know why I applied

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