Why can't I catch a break

I cannot deal with some of this paranoia. I feel so damn watched tonight and with the recent thing where someone went through my car I’m freaking out.

And i found out i have to file a bunch of paperwork tomorrow for disability on top of 2 doctors visits I just want to sink into this mattress and pretend I don’t exist for about 800 years.

Plus my parents want me to go to the store which I hate doing cause I normally have an anxiety attack

Sorry for ranting


I feel the same, lucky bears get to sleep all winter


I want to be a bear. Bears don’t get their cars broken into, they break into cars and steal sandwiches. And sleep all winter? Tbh id prefer to sleep all summer but hell yeah sounds good to me

Bears don’t have rent or taxes. ■■■■ man let’s be bears.


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