Why can't I be done with APs?

If the world was that nice.
If I wasn’t forced to take meds as a teen and told “I was a very sick little girl”, how demeaning. You know, I had a brain then.
Some of my genius wasn’t ready for the world, MH professionals dumbed me down and threw a diagnosis at me. I could have been someone. I adapted to whatever subject I learned in school, and my memory was great. The meds made me crash and burn, and professionals threw terminology at me like it was going out of style and everything was due to schizophrenia, doubt it. Now I can’t even ask them what happens to my ■■■■■■■ body during a catatonic episode because it scares the ■■■■ out of me. And my therapist just changes the subject. I stared right into her soul when she switched the subject and she knew I knew. End rant. I miss education, and not just assuming, now I’m stuck in the MH system and there’s no way out of it. On a low income and treated lesser and like ■■■■■■■ dirt


I felt that way before for years. Might want to try a better or newer med like latuda or vraylar. When I’m down, I blame the meds or want to quit them.

So far I’m going to stay on them. They help me a ton. It’s not the meds it’s the illness.

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