Why can’t I donate blood?

Every time I’ve ever tried to donate blood my blood has clotted. It’s something else weird about me. I thought I had that special blood like royalty. Turns out I have be positive.

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When I worked at a call center the Bloodmobile would swing by our work once in a while. People would donate blood cos you’d get a guaranteed hour off the phone plus you still got paid and free snacks

I tried donating for the free cookies in basic training. They still gave me free cookies for the effort. You should’ve seen my face when I thought I wasn’t getting free cookies. It was the saddest moment in my life. We were sugar deprived. :joy:

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İ also want to donate blood because i think my blood getting really old(last time i gave blood were 20 years ago)but they don t accept my blood.actually i always feed myself with healthy stuff no smoking no junk blood can help people

I’ve donated blood in the past. They love mine because of being rh negative.

But my blood clots now, too. It’s a sign of two things that I know, mainly dehydration and more uncommon high levels of the clotting agent. I forget the name of the disorder.

Probably other reasons, I’ve only been told of those two.

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I’ve tried donating blood I think twice. I’m gonna have to try again. They never told me for sure if it clotted. I just assume. If I remember a blood did come out. I guess I’ll be dying from a blood clot.:joy::clown_face::alien:

I’m not allowed to donate blood either, on account of a blood disorder. If anyone was sick enough to need a blood transfusion, mine would probably just make them sicker.

I have donated blood a long time ago. It is such a weird process. but of course a really good idea if one wants to.

You’re an amazing person despite all your troubles. That’s very admirable. Rock on! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. It really doesn’t bother me much, since I was born with it. I mostly like it, because mosquitoes leave me alone.

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Mr. Star donates blood as often as he can. He’s done 7 gallons so far.

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I don’t even think a blood clot makes any sense. I’m wondering why.

Isn’t dangerous to anyone receiving our blood because it has so much medication floating around in it.

I would like to donate blood and to know it is helping someone, but would it really be helping when it has antipsychotics, benzos and other meds in it?

I’m asking my nurse if you can donate with psych meds.

Some meds are safe and others aren’t.

Maybe they can filter out some meds.

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I’ll take it. Put me down for 8 pints.


It is very good. I love being married to him because I never have to wear bug spray. His blood is apparently very nutritious.

My blood stopped being good tasting to skeeters after I lost all the weight. Now they chase my wife and she hates it. I think it’s why she keeps buying me chocolate.


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