Why can I no longer post YouTube videos?

When I try to post one, the ‘reply’ and ‘cancel’ buttons disappear, and do not reappear until I start deleting the link. Am I just not allowed to do this anymore?

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No problems here!

Try deleting your browser cache and cookies and try again?

Yeah, I don’t know how to do all of that, don’t care enough to try and learn. I just restarted my computer instead, but it didn’t help, still can’t post videos. I’m not so sure it’s a browser issue, thinking maybe I’ve been barred from posting them.


I have to remove the brackets [ ] to post a video.

How do you post videos? Do you just copy and paste the link? That seems to work best for most users.

Mine seems to work.

Mine works too.

I’m doing it the same way I’ve always done it, but now it doesn’t work. I first noticed it yesterday.

You may have to reinstall YouTube

Are you mobile or desktop? What browser are you using?

I’m using a desktop, with Explorer.

Do you have any other browsers installed? Does it work on those? Can you try it while mobile to see if it works?

I know you said you don’t want to learn, but here’s pictures explaining how to clear your cache and cookies. Just in case.


Ok, I tried that deleting cache and cookies thing, and I still have the same problem. Oh well, I’m about ready to give up.

Boo. Well, my advice is always get rid of explorer because it’s shit) and get Firefox or chrome. I prefer chrome.

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It could very well be a bug with explorer. Have you tried copying and pasting the link instead of using the share option on videos?

Yes, I’ve tried both ways. It’s whatever, doesn’t matter that much.


It worked! What’d you change?