Why are you guys(the people who reply to me) lying to me?

I hear everyone talking about me and I hear it all day. Do people like lying to me, do people like torturing me? What is it? Can someone tell me the truth? Do I have anything hidden in me and was I being talked about on tv?

Do you take any medication?


No one is lying to you. :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:

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It is a sz thing, noone is really talking about you. I was the worst at this at the start of my illness. I hope things improve for you. Make sure you take your aps.

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I’m not lying to you. I m not talking bout u. Don’t know u either

Don’t worry its not actually the whole world its the illness as said above


I take olanzapine

No one is out to get you.
Its the disorder talking.

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So are there some people that are talking about me?

Oh no, what I meant is that as oppose to the whole world, it’s the illness talking. As @Wave says too.

You’re alright honestly it’s not other people it’s an illness


Ok thankyou. Just the fact that you think the whole world is watching you on their phone and the tv person (the voice commentator, voice over, whatever) is talking about you and commenting your thoughts is devastating. I’m really tired :cry:

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What’s so special about ypu that you think you are a celebrity? How thw hell are we supposed to know who you are, anyway? This site is anonymous. If y ou are a hollywood celebrity, yeah people are talking. If you are a run of the mill person, no one cares enough to film you.

Did you commit a crime?
Did you do something special?
Have you been in a studio filmed ng?

Hate to tell you but the kind of thing you are talking about doesn’t exist and people don’t watch poi t of view shaky films anyway.


i hear voices a lot it’s really distressing. IT makes me sad a lot. i take invega but i still hear them. How long have you been on your medication? Are you taking it daily? You can post any time and i will be here to encourage you. :slight_smile: maybe you need to go back to your doctor. maybe i do too.


I dislike lying, it stains the soul. Not that I don’t ever lie, but I’m careful not to use up my quota on inconsequential (to me) things. So, no, I haven’t lied to you.


I’m glad you’re taking something, but honestly it doesn’t seem to be working as well as it should be. Do you feel like people are watching you all of the time, or are there periods of time when these feelings subside and you feel normal? I suspect you know deep down that people are not talking about you on TV because that doesn’t make any sense at all, but I get that the illness makes it feel like 100% they are.

In any case, you need to talk to your doctor about all this. Have you ever tried clozapine? I hear it can be helpful to people who have tried other medications that haven’t worked quite as well as they’d hoped.


Hey @anon55704218, don’t know if you’ve seen this before, but it may help:

You’re suffering from an extremely common form of delusion for us SZs. Me, I figured both the government and ETs were surveilling me 24/7 when I was really ill. The right meds took away these symptoms and now I live a normal life.


Kind of a harsh answer but you probably meant well. You kind of sound mad at him/her for having a delusion.

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I’m sorry to hear that Pretty Rose :frowning:
Maybe speak with your pdoc about a med change if it’s been going on for a long time… Have you ever been on something other than olanzapine?

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Its the way your mind interpret the world, not a real thing, meds and time will wash this feeling away,

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What you describe are classic symptoms of schizophrenia. I don’t mean to minimize your suffering, but you’re probably not in touch with reality.


the truth is your mentally ill and hearing voices. the reality is none of us are that important that anyone would ever want to spend that much time talking about us.

go to the psychiatrist and let them know your med isnt working.

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