Why Are Women Attracted to Benevolently Sexist Men?

Would be interesting to see what the women here think.

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Prolly not the best time to bring this to the forum!

There’s some seriously backwards thinking in the community about what is acceptable to ladies around here. Might pay to post this some other time!

No offence…I’m going to flag this just because it is in itself is something that isn’t a positive thing for the community and will lead to more drama!


Please. If you don’t know the issue your missing the point!

It’s not appropriate!

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Fair point ,but I would suggest we are going down a slippery path if we shut down discussion of such things for fear of badly behaved people. Thus letting them dictate what good people can talk about.

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Look guys about to go eat dinner. Apologies I’d like to engage but seriously!

Have a think!

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The sexist obsession lately

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@firemonkey it’s not censorship. It is how we deal with female members.

It’s not ok to draw generalizations about women here. From what I’ve seen about females they suffer worse than males statistically. It’s not good to see them as anything but fully fledged members here.

Talking about looks, intelligence or anything else is just sexist and not welcome…my two cents need to jet!


I was hoping there could be an intelligent discussion but have self flagged for the moderators’ attention. If they choose to close the thread then fair enough.

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I’m not disputing that. My intention was to stimulate debate and was not on my part to necessarily agree with the article poster’s comments . I am as or more supportive of the women here than you are. I hope we will not become a forum too scared to discuss things for fear of the actions of those who wish to behave badly.

This would be an interesting conversation in a quieter moment on the forum. It’s been pretty rough here lately, though, so I’m going to shut it down for now.