Why are there so many threads about invega?

I really don’t understand. Can someone explain it to me?


for those who have a negative reaction from it i can shed a lil light on.

they desperately seek to get better and are confused on where they left off. one person starts a thread and instead of continuing that one until it’s done and beginning another one, people get frantic and start one of their own…

and they start one, and they start one and they start one…

kinda curious why you started another thread instead of asking in an invega thread that was already started?! (being a smart a** probably doesn’t help but i was trying to be funny)

So basically the threads never end. Well I guess people can talk about what they want.

No politics or religion

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True dat 151515

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@moderators you should probably close this thread

but my dogs bat mitzvah is coming up and i don’t know what to get her as she votes liberal and lives conservatively…

@dougRN good call

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@Moonbeam I am ready to close this thread

What do you know? I vote liberal and live conservatively too.

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Done! 1515151515