Why are the criteria for sz different on ICD-10 and DSM-5

I realise I’ve had delusions that isn’t the thing here.
But why is the criteria different?
We use ICD-10 here and thats maybe why I have only got a ”verbal diagnosis” like a doctor saying ”you have sz”

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In life sadly you always need to think of the legal aspects.

it’s conceivable they omitted the written word diagnosis to you.

My initial getting diagnosed in 2005 - 2009 involved being on the pills but never even having a verbal diagnosis.

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yeah i think its good but i’ve suspected i have ocd and they dont take that seriously

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Less negative of me would be to say some things are more difficult to treat/diagnose. Like say PTSD. Perhaps OCD is like that.

I think as you go and grow you’ll find in your own head that most of these things are on a spectrum of sorts.
For example I have obsessions(or wasted time in the past with one) and I also have compulsions(icy cold water drinking), but I just accept these things.

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yeah but i’m so tired of these thoughts

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I’m not the right person… even though The Aviator is my favorite flick.


So you have repetitive thoughts?

Again I don’t know much about OCD…

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yeah repetitive thoughts about topics that are considered delusional but i don’t believe in them

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At the end of the day mate - you can focus on whatever MI label that they have given you.

But what matters is how you cope with it - and deal with it yourself.


This whole sz thing makes me anxious

Sz and psychosis makes me anxious true. Tried many times to get the label off. Had a second episode so clearly I experience psychosis.