Why are people so judgy

“Fear of abuse. Fear of isolation.” Bedrock for grasping the psychodynamics underlying all of the psychotic spectrum disorders and “borderline organization.” Damned if we do, and damned when we don’t.

BUT, those who deal with pts like this who use the mindfulness-based cognitive psychotherapies understand why those therapies (see below) work so well from exactly that perspective: Mindful acceptance of what is on both ends of that mental polarization makes it possible for the patients to recognize, acknowledge, accept, own, appreciate, understand and tolerate the supposedly irresolvable ambiguity when they can finally see that it it’s all just a bunch of ideas.

I’m not sure whether Foucault ever got that, but his work opened the doors for later minds to get it. Otto Kernberg, William Meissner, Marsha Linehan, et al.

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People are judgmental because they have a heavily flawed view of others, this world, and even God.

I’ve evolved some thick skin over the years because I always felt like I was being judged by others. Now when I hear others judge or see it happening online, I know when it’s a matter of arrogance or ignorance - but typically only in other men.

Ignorant judgment is just a form of fallacy, oftentimes the person judging is as much a victim of circumstance, but arrogant judgment is when the person genuinely feels they are greater than a whole lot of other people. I used to get into a lot of e-fights over the latter types of guys.


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“We are attracted to what we are afraid of”

Does this mean I secretly want to sleep with my mother-in-law??!



What a truly spectacular post !!! Most of the people who “Judge” others are hugely ignorant people who dont really understand the whole context of a particular individual.

In the end when we Judge humans - we truly are judging their personalities - and personalities would vary depending on the cultures, traditions, value systems, upbringing by parents etc…I believe even Intelligence is an aspect of a personality and personality overall greatly affects an Individual’s intelligence.

When you really want to judge someone you have to judge their “Individuality”. Now thats a totally different thing…When you judge their individuality you are judging their true selves. Well Individuality as a whole cannot be judged since it is beyond right or wrong but almost always right in the context of the world…but you can KNOW how evolved a person is from his false self and how true he/she is.

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Well im rolling over my bed and laugh.:joy:
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I think people are judgmental (critical/punitive) because they believe in free will.

To suggest an answer to the question that is grounded in heaps of research on human (and primate) behavior:

“Monkey see. Monkey do.”

most people judge but consider me one that doesn’t I don’t care what people do what they wear or how others act it doesn’t effect me in the least so why should I care. I feel a lot of people judge me on the things I just mentioned but I really do not care what others think of me the only one I care that judges me is God .

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Sometimes I think our moral judgement is substantially a form of social grudgement.

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