Why are people so judgy

like get a life and stop judging my problems im sure you have enough of your own.


Though I am not religious, it does say in the Bible - “The measure by which you judge is the measure by which you will be judged”.


They are afraid of other’s otherness, and/or
They subconsciously desire the other’s otherness. ( we are attracted to what we’re afraid of, Lacan’s paradox)


people suck :< 151515

Nobody desires what we have

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People can get insecure and looking down on someone else makes them feel better about themselves. We all want to look at the other guy and think, “Wow, I’m better than him.” It sucks but it’s the hard truth.


because if people wouldnt judge then there would be no judges or law.

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Black and white thinking. It’s not like if we stopped being judgmental the world would suddenly descend into chaos and anarchy. But it is a handy excuse if you want to treat others like ■■■■ and still feel good about yourself.

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i didnt even say that. you said it yourself.

I know, but “desire” is not something that people can willingly control. It is sublime and pretty much wild space of subconscious.
Psychoanalysis has explained decades ago, and it is still accurate: we are attracted to what we are afraid of.

We are not desiring to ‘become’ the other person but we recognize our own suppressed wildness in the object of our fears.

Foucault stated that mental hospitals are perfect example for such thing: in order to ‘forget’ its own dark side, society has to remove everything that blurres the line between normal and abnormal. And hospitals become a reverse of society’s adverse.

(I’m not trying to be a smartass, just telling what I learned about things that matters.)

So people who think that hitler was the most evil person who has ever lived actually desire to be hitler themselves? This theory sounds like some sort of emotionally stuffed bagage that is tied to a person with strong views in order to make him more humble. So if you dont want any thieves in your neighborhood youre a thief yourself. Doesnt make much sense but is very good to get emotions out of people with.

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I suggest you to read about it before you start trivializing it.
My poor paraphrasing of such complex theory ( theories actually) is probably not the best source.

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That’s not entirely true. A lot of people want to have psychotic symptoms without the crazy attached to it. Being the label or the craziness itself. People want to see auras, to see angels, to see god, to see aliens. To hear the voice of god or to be guided in their religious beliefs. They just don’t want the label that it’s attached by wanting these things. It’s not black and white you know?

Why are people so executionary ?

I don’t get judged as much as I get asked questions. What’s it like, how do I do stuff, am I on something, am I getting better, etc. I try to think it’s them caring and avoid being paranoid (because yeah, I might get the idea that they want to know too much about me)

I have heard a very similar statement by a christian arch-bishop. he was also a very feminist and liberal person who uses to tell his community that “moral outrage is a form of confession” i.e. that if youre really strongly opposed to homosexuals then youre a closet-homosexual yourself. He, as a christian, had much contact with these conservative type of people and found that this method of - blaming the perpetrators with what they were enraged by - effectively shut them up.

i think you are basically thinking of the same idea.

Everyone does it. I do it to.

I believe people who like to Judge others are sad, unhappy, lifeless individuals who need to complain and/or look down upon others simply because they are pissed off at not being able to BE what someone else is. It is how the human defence mechanism works - Criticize or belittle something which is different and/or higher than your own capability…the other word for this is the collequal EGO

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Impossible , everyone forms an opinion , I watch a TV program , I form an opinion about it.

As an example, take any topic , if you like or dislike something , how do you talk about it? As an exercise :slight_smile: wanna give it ago and post something you like / dislike

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Well judgmental can be a personality trait as opposed to perceptive, it’s not really bad it’s just a psychological construct, not what people mean when they say “he’s judgmental”. They mean one prefers planning and order as opposed to being on the go and unplanned (judging vs perceiving) as a lifestyle.

I think PREJUDICED is what people really mean when they say JUDGMENTAL.

Prejudice is in my field of study. Trust me, I think you all have these two psych terms mixed up.

For example my MBTI is ENTJ. Extroverted, intuitive, thinking and judging. It’s actually a very effective personality and also is known for being strongly associated with leadership (if not leading by example, jeez that sounds on point). The judging part just means I like organization and that I plan everything very far in advance in relation to perceiving people who well they might just wake up and not have the day planned out much to speak of.