Why are people so complicated

We decided we won’t talk. So deleted the number off my phone. Got a what’s app call few days later they said it was an accident. I asked again If that was on purpose they said yes. But then in the evening said they were checking out my pic and hit the call button by accident wth stop playing with my mind Jeez

It definitely sounds like he’s playing games with you. Can you simply delete or block this guy from contacting you again?

Relationships are complicated @anon80629714 I’m afraid to say. Most people are afraid of very serous relationships as they can get extremely complicated very fast. Us men totally sux when it comes to our emotions also. Frankly best advice is always be careful.

Could have had a weak moment and called, then later felt embarrassed about it.
I agree with you though, humans are complicated. That’s why I prefer to surround myself with pets.

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For whatever reason, playing “games” seems to be an element of most human’s nature. It’s pretty dumb.

Why are people so complicated

Look in the mirror and there’s your answer. People are complicated because we are all complicated. Maybe the last four or five people you dated over the past year are at home thinking, “Damn, why did she have to be so complicated?”

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Sounds like you’re doing something right… They want to contact you atleast. you can always be like me…meet someone amazing and tell them you are crazy and they never contact you again. :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: but really I wouldn’t waste your time on someone that plays games.

If they 86ed you for being honest, then they probably weren’t that amazing.

I think they 86 for the crazy fact… Not the being truthful fact. :frowning:

Well you’re a 10, so tell them to go find a good ol boring person. Never stop being crazy nor gorgeous.


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