Why are our patterns considered delusional?

As with many others here, I see patterns everywhere that reveal the truth about the world. The patterns are really there and just ignored by 99% of the population apparently due to something called latent inhibition. So the fact that 99% of the earth’s population is ignorant makes us delusional? That’s crazy talk. Lol.

Some times when I think about something, learn something, read about something or see it on TV, it becomes ‘popular’ for the next few days. By this I mean after the topic comes up once it will come up in future completely unrelated topics over the next few days/weeks/months. This phenomenon happens all the time and is very much real. The question is why? Simple chance is out the window because it happens so damn often and doesn’t have a randomness to it; it elegantly sets itself up like a hand full of aces. So I’m stuck with the ‘delusional’ explanations of my mind being read or that reality is a setup. Both are ‘impossible’ in reality yet “Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.” -Sherlock Holmes. So…yea…

Related to the above topic is a strange happening with numbers. The numbers 1, 4, and 7 keep appearing everywhere. Most of the time when I look at the time, it’s 7:11, 11:11, 7:17…etc. The number 4 doesn’t seem to appear as often as 1 or 7, but it does more than any other numbers. The other day I ordered pizza at Dominos and when I placed my order online, it said my order was placed on 11:17:22 (2+2 from the seconds is where the less common number 4 was hiding), the Dominos store number was 7717, and the description they put under their address was “Next to 7eleven”. My stepfather’s phone number consists of only 7s and 1s (not including the area code). These are only the examples that come to mind, there are many more. 1 and 7 and sometimes 4 should not hold any more significance than the rest of the numbers, so WTF?

The interesting thing is that all this seems to happen in spurts. For a month or 2 I’ll see these patterns everywhere, then they’ll stop for a month or two, then they repeat. Kinda like ‘episodes’, which people will argue that ‘episodes’ are how SZ manifests itself. I look at it and see how it is less like episodes and more like constructive and destructive interference of a wave function (think quantum mechanics: double slit experiment).

Makes me wonder. What if we’re the ones who see the truth and everyone else is actually delusional? And a big reason why our experiences are dismissed is because majority rules. After all most of our isolated experiences have too many uncanny similarities to be simply made up by an overactive mind.

If it happens to everyone, it’s probably reality. If it just happens to you, it’s probably your illness.

One, four and seven are pretty common numbers. I’d go as far as saying they’re three of the top ten digits.

I personally don’t think that seeing patterns in things like numbers would be considered delusional. We all see meaning in what we choose to center our minds on. :heart:

I haven’t noticed too much about life around me to notice any patterns before. My kid sis is all about 3, 7 and 13. She says Friday the 13th’s are some of her best days. She’s actually happy on them.

I was born on a Friday 13th lol. I’ve been noticing 3, 11, and 36. I still keep seeing 9:11 on the clock.

Exactly. That’s my point. The numbers really do show up; it’s the conclusions about why they show up that is considered delusional. Other people just ignore it and consider it coincidence, but it has to be something more. Like when I see the numbers, it’s a sign, but I don’t know what for. Good, Evil, someone trying to tell me something or warn me of something. Idk.

The kicker is that the numbers show up at the same time as what I mentioned in the first part of my topic, the experience of things coming up multiple times within a few days.

I got the number 311 twice for a hotel number in two separate hotels on different sides of the beach. The number means your ancestors are protecting you.

For a moment lets take delusional out of the equation. Numerology and astrology, among other things, surround us every day. We read our horoscopes and have lucky numbers. No one considers this as being delusional.

I don’t know what the universe is all about. I only know my own day to day. I can read more or less into what I see. It’s up to me. Because you are centered on these numbers you see them whenever they come up. Nothing wrong with that. I guess the question might be how much energy you want to put into figuring out what these numbers mean?

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That’s a good way to look at it. That’s kinda like why religion isn’t considered a delusion.

I remember the last time the patterns started coming up I was sure I had figured it out. I thought the cameras that I thought were in the smoke detectors were also capable of reading my thoughts. Then the people monitoring them would use my own thoughts against me by referencing them in different situations within minutes to days after. At the same time I knew my wife was in on it because right after waking up, she would text me something within a minute while she’s at work. Plus, the other day she managed to answer a question I didn’t even ask, I was only thinking it. We weren’t even doing anything related to the topic of the question. It’s like slip up or intentional?

When I came to these conclusions, I had a theory of what the numbers that were popping up meant. In the movie ‘The Matrix’ when deja vu happened, it meant they changed something. So I realized that the numbers were similar. The numbers would pop up when my world was being altered in some way. The problem is that there is no evidence that this is what they mean, it’s only a theory. I would like to know what they really mean.

This was the conclusion that I came to last time and what I meant by “My mind being read and reality is a setup.” So on from my original topic, given the evidence, this is the conclusion that is most likely to be accurate. The problem is that everyone considers it as delusional. Though on some other forums, I came across a few others DX’d with SZ who have come to strikingly similar conclusions (not including the numbers, those that saw the numbers had varying ideas about them) about their own personal experiences.

i remember feeling like there was a black and white reality which I couldnt see but knew i lived in.