Why are nights so hard for me?

I’ve been struggling lately but I was fine all day today until now. Now I feel anxious. Does night time make anyone else nervous?

Also last night , in the middle of the night I was hallucinating and told my daughter but fell asleep quickly and forgot about it until She reminded me it happened in the morning. She asked if I was ok and I remember telling her I was hallucinating but I don’t remember the actual hallucinations.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Night time can be tough for me because that’s when I used to hallucinate the most so that fear still comes up sometimes even though I dont have hallucinations anymore.

It’s also tough because that’s when you have the least distraction. You’re laying down in bed, just you and your thoughts its night when everyone else is laying down. There is no one to distract you. It’s time for you to sleep so you lay down and try to sleep. When you sleep you do nothing so you have nothing to try to distract yourself with unless you want to give up sleep. You are stuck in a grim world where the o ly escape is finally falling asleep which seems impossible sometimes or staying up until morning which can be hell.

Nights are rough because you are alone with yourself. I have no bigger enemy than myself.

That’s just my thoughts not saying that that’s exactly how it is for you.

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That is very much how I feel too

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