Why are my delusions initially positive?

I will literally feel like people really like me and I don’t mean all of it romantically only it may or may not be the case but when I get disappointed because I even go through those times when I feel it’s impossible for anyone to like me it feels awful.

I go through a period of euphoria when I get off my med’s. Then it all goes south on me. I think it has to do with dopamine. I wouldn’t worry too much about being liked. You’re plenty likable. I think you’re just playing a self punishment game with yourself.

If that were true I’d have friends to show it but I have none. Is this even delusions talking or could it be manic and depressive phases?

You have friends on this site. Maybe you could look for other sz’s as face to face friends. Going through what we go through is a pretty strong bond - the shared experiences that we all have. Your feelings could be both - delusions, and manic and depressive phases. Maybe you could talk to your pdoc about an antidepressant or a mood stabilizer. Try to understand that many of your negative feelings are substantially brought about from your mental illness. It’s your mental illness talking.