Why are humans cruel?

I am usually very taken aback if someone does something nice, as this is not normal. Normal is intimidating people
trampling over you, with frightening faces. And this is everyday day life…

At the end of the day, people do what they think is best. <-- this is always true, whether it’s for selfish reasons or not. Everything else can be explained with human psychology I can imagine.
Some people believe that bullying is a way to toughen up the people around them, making it a less sensitive and unstable environment. And “nice” is sometimes viewed as weak or weak-minded.

The real problem is when other people are mis-interpreted, which happens all the time unfortunately.

I think a healthy environment has a balance of selfishness, selflessness, niceness, and even meanness. Maybe I’m wrong.

It seems that all animal life is sometimes cruel. Humans are animals.


Oh, the cruel simply haven’t gotten enough of their own ■■■■■■■■, when they do they will see it different.

We’re all born blind.


they say ‘what you give you will get back ten fold’

but whether that be good or bad is a different story

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Evil surrounds us all, but if you look carefully for the good in the world, you shall find it


the news focuses on the cruel. T.V. focus on the cruel. Magazines focus on the cruel. It would be easy to think the world is cruel. But when you get away from all there are a lot of examples of people who are not cruel.

Food banks, blood banks, SPCA, Volunteers at the children’s burn ward, volunteers who train seeing eye dogs, Volunteers at the animal rescue… those people aren’t cruel. But you have to get away from the media to see them.

I work in the parks and I see people being nice all the time.


humans are cruel because this is hell. in hell, a man must become a demon to prosper, or find escapism in worldly desires and other illusions. this cruelty and malice is the product of repressed frustration and desperation. a man needs work for another man for his daily bread. it is offensive to begin with. the man is made in-sovereign and maimed a thousand times beyond that, and thus his perversions are protests, and his crimes not crimes at all. that is nature itself. the criminals, are those who designed man’s pyramid scheme world, and those who confounded his tongues.

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My grandmother use to say that sometimes you got to be cruel to be kind. …but I don’t believe in that BS. I know that there is some really cruel people out there but there is also a lot of good people out there. I prefer to think or believe that I form part of the good or nice people out there. I don’t give expecting something in return. I don’t held grudges nor do I take revenge or hate anyone. Humans that are cruel has been mal-adapted in my view. They have been taught ways to bully and manipulate in order to get what they want. The intelligent level of the evil distribution of society walks among us with good people not even recognising the difference. They are in politics and corporate leaders and everywhere. The not so intelligent level of the evil distribution of society mostly end up in jail.


Because it seems so easy -

i think its a lot easier to be nice to people but some people are forced to be bad,

if you think about like when you smile you actually use less energy/muscle than not smiling so i think that is a big give away that we are not supposed to be nasty to each other we are supposed to be smiling to each other and being friendly.

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Because everybody else is. This topic really messed me up today. I was late for work but I visited here this morning for 5 minutes and read the title and some answers. I couldn’t get it out of my mind all morning. And it just really hit me how cruel this world is. The traffic, people I work with, strangers. I was actually sinking into a depression, and it just hit me how cruel people really are, especially to people who aren’t good at protecting themselves.

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XXXXXXXX-for every bad thing in the world-there`s something good too.

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It’s in the competition for god-head. Makes people feel like a sore loser all the time.

When I smile it is always fake. My mouth may move, but I’m not smiling from the inside.

Some people are nice, some are not. It is a human nature, but unfortunately in the modern world those who are not nice advance better. I try to be nice to people always and when, for example, I leave the grocery store I often thank a sales person for their service. Little things make people feel nice.


I think you will find what your looking for.

If one is focused and looking for the bad, they can easily find it. They could come up with a long list of how people suck.

I look for the good these days and I find it. I could come up with a long list of how people don’t suck.


I keep a distance from most situations with people, as it’s a high risk to me being involved. I don’t have a thick skin and know i will get upset and hurt
Confident people can be very brash…