Why are feminists so angry and hateful

Why do they hate so much. And be so angry. I’ve heard these people are prone to being quite violent too.

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I understand your frustration. I find feminism to historically have people who quite literally hate men.

Thats not to say the whole movement is bad, but I think in the west its generally gotten out of hand. We need empowerment for people who aren’t free in their cultures. People who are getting made to marry at young ages and can’t freely move around without chaperones.

These cultures that aren’t treating women equally need to be debated and such, but we don’t need to promote these man hating movements in the west to do that.

In general I think humanitarianism is the thing to promote first, and if you’re saying that feminists are those people you are misguided and diverting egalitarianism towards a biased movement selfishly.

In 1975, I had a Schizophrenics Anonymous group.

The mother and father of a locked up schizophrenic came regularly. I poured my heart out to them. For their part, they particularly liked me because I had such a great set of teeth. I thought good dental health was a hell of a thing for which to be esteemed.

I had some women on the periphery of my life hate me. Presumably they hated me for some reason, but I couldn’t make it out.