Why are ancient depictions of supernatural beings similar across different cultures?

Some are different,

But a lot are eerily similar.

The similar ones make me think there’s solid evidence for their existence.

I’ve not been feeling myself the past few weeks, typical for this time of year,

And this question in particular has been bothering me.

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I try not to think about it so I don’t get paranoid. But it is very interesting

All humans, same ideas. We all spread out thousands of years ago and spread across the globe from one area already intelligent.

Why Does ‘Mother’ Sound The Same In So Many Languages?

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Before there were gods to be worshipped humans worshipped the earth. They shaped their beliefs with that in mind. Then they worshipped the mother of which they made carven images:


The humans made them in their culture and image, each particular to their region. As we share common humanity and in general we all perceive and do the same things around the globe, it is not a coincidence that humans make images of themselves in their gods. It is a natural occurrence in that we share pretty much the same basic reality.

Society developed and so did the gods throughout the world all sharing the same initial traits and then being taken over by the modern paternalistic cults of today.


Human subconscious is same all over the world.
Earth is Mother/Matter,
Sky if Father/Spirit


Check this out

It provides a convincing and rational explanation.

I’m lazy and keep forgetting to change my style when manifesting myself to mortals.

I’ll try and work on that.



Yea, all very interesting stuff.

Or like how a number of ancient civilizations all similarly settled on the “pyramid” design.

I was pretty into creation myths a while back— stories from cultures both ancient and current— that talk about how the heavens and the world and its inhabitants came to be.

If you like stuff related to ancient mythology and gods and creatures and things, Joseph Campbell is interesting to read. Think there’s a series on Netflix pertaining to his work as well.

Not trying to fan the flames with this recommendation, because you said you weren’t doing so hot lately. But I do think that Joseph Campbell does a nice job of discussing the logical commonalities between cultures that cause an overlap in belief systems.

…Aaaand, he’s a lot more respected in academic circles than this guy:


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It’s all an immortal time wizard….he runs with the lizard people trying to microchip all the elephants.

Bird aren’t real, they’re all just drones and part of their clandestination.

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I watched Joseph Campbell in my high school English class and was too immature to appreciate his work. I remember him talking about archetypes, the heroes journey, and “slaying your dragon”. I’m sure if I watched him again I’d learn a whole lot.

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That’s like pretty legitness for a high school class.

I watched Stargate in my high school World History class.

…Not sure if the teacher had a sense of humor, or actually believed it to be accurate…



I used that image on fb a lot.

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I read a book which had a chapter on the etymology of certain words

All ancient cultures have a word for Serpent, angel, messenger, deceiver etc

I think the Gods of old were Reptilians. There’s stuff on the internet about the Nefilim etc; even the Bible said the Gods had children with the daughters of men, suggesting an interbreeding between angels and humans.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Homo Sapiens were created as a slave race, or some kind of genetic experiment.

The truth is being hidden from us.

Even Jesus never existed; he was a recycling of older prophets; same story of the Winter solstice; the sun dying for 3 days then being reborn on 25th Dec; Christmas.

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