Why am i wasting my life?

I mean why im not productive?

I could be, i could be so productive! :ok_hand:

If somebody has the answer from experinece or just knowledge, I will really like to listen to it :blush:

Ps: it’s not my diasease

You’re aware there’s a problem, which is a start.

Have you committed to doing something about it?

Have you set near and far goals?

Do you have plans made to get to these goals?

Do you have alternate plans if the first plans don’t work?

Are you able to tolerate setbacks as learning experiences while you work your way forward?

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First thing is that i need to find out the reason :sweat_smile:

I have no plans…

The reason doesn’t matter.

Does it matter if you went blind from genetics, diabetes, or a physical injury? You still need to learn how to live without sight no matter how the problem occurred. It makes no difference to learning Braille, etc. You know where you are. Figure out where you want to be. Go for it.


Are you having a hard time just getting started? You gotta start somewhere, so start anywhere. And just start doing something; anything.

My favorite motto is the NIKE motto: “Just do it”. Take some action. You can sit in your house forever just thinking about all the things you’re going to do but it’s action that will get things done.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”


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