Why am I so paranoid

I need to escape my mind. I use to smoke weed but that just makes it worse now. Meds don’t seem to take all the paranoia away.

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I’m sorry, I hope it gets better. Everything is not effed up. Some things are OK.

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I’d definitely would stay away from the weed. We learn this paranoia and it takes time ,meds, and work to unlearn it.

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Are you doing things that people need to be watching you?

Like what

I had that same thought. It’s almost like a habit

I dunno. I should be off the alchohol. Its not Ok when I’m on it. Sigh.

Yeah alcohol makes me worse too

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You tell me.

Are you having fun? Lol. I don’t do anything except stay home most of the time.

Yeah it really is when I got paranoid sz my wife got paranoid with me just from being around me and she’s not sz but we thought all my paranoia was real events for quite a while. Even some of my co workers seemed to get a bit of my paranoia. You have to start checking on things you soon see it’s all in your head. Follow up with people to check your thoughts as much as possible. They will gain back your trust.

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No, I’m not. I’m on a death watch for my 19.5 year old cat who just wont let go of this life. It’s killing me to watch her fade away, she’s about a half an inch from death.
now, back to you, If you don’t do anything except stay at home most of the time, what reason would people need to pay attention to you enough to make you paranoid?

Aw poor cat. My cat is my joy.

That’s a logical question for an illogical disease.

weed seems to calm my sz…

I’ll be thinking about you and your cat. I hope it ends soon. Take care.

Someone else who comes here to sz.com is trying meditation. Have you sever tried that? Also does paranoia give you anxiety? I’ve never had paranoia so I’m trying to understand the mechanism. If it gives you anxiety to could try a breathing technique until it passes. Or does it last a long time? Can you use logic against it? You could sit down and write out your feelings and logic out that it’s probably paranoia, kinda like having insight with a delusion. Oh is paranoia a delusion?

I’d guess paranoia would be a dilusion.

Or delusions

when you’re paranoid do you know you’re being paranoid?